Colt playing.

                                                Colt playing.

Dr. Ching Chen

Osteopath, Body McGyver, at-home Researcher, Artist and Overgrown Child.


I am a physician who believes patients are my equals. They are the real-life heroes. I may McGyver bodies but everyday people are just as powerful as doctors in their journey with their bodies.  

How I do know this is true? I see and live it everyday. The knowledge library to feeling good is not just for the privileged few. Body wisdom is ingrained in all of us.

I barely escaped communist China at 7 years old at the tail end of the Cultural Revolution and learned English from watching Sesame Street. The inspiration for getting into medicine was born when I lived with my grandmother who had stomach cancer.

Although the inspiration was my grandmother, the manner in which I "do" medicine is driven from realizing it wasn't enough. In short, medicine has failed me. It wasn't able to "fix" a knee injury falling off a ski lift. It wasn't able to fix the Lyme disease I acquired during my honeymoon in Australia. I had to take matters into my own hands. I tapped into my heritage where we live by the principle that life regenerates and recovers in a state that is an improvement to what it was before. Once I saw this gap, I've been on a path to close it.

I found (perhaps they all found me) acupuncture, cupping, nutrition, access bars and innerwise. Like McGyver and all his tools, I use all of them alongside my traditional osteopathic medical training. These have allowed me to become a conduit to the path to wellness. I assist in the re-activating of this innate wisdom that lies in all of us.

In my free time, I'll likely be found playing games and arguing with my 5 year old nephew named Colt, or on the verge of blowing up an experiment or watching an X-Men movie.


Here's a snapshot of my work:

Relief of Parkinson's hand shaking in one visit

Taking veterans off cocktails of meds and transitioning them into less drugs and more of their life back.

Severe shoulder pain to being able to put their arms over their heads and put their shirt on in 3 sessions

Hemiplegic 4 year old who couldn't walk without a walker to doing unassisted steps up a ramp in 2 sessions

Patient with painful herniated disc and had trouble walking was able to regain muscle pain and reduced pain in 1 session.

Shrink full-term baby-sized fibroid to the size of a lemon.


If your mind is open, anything is possible. 

If you're looking for a formal bio, you'll find it below:

Dr. Chen is an internationally known expert in Osteopathic Manipulation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rehabilitative Nutrition, Herbalism, and Integrative Medicine. Board Certified in Physical and Rehabilitation, Dr. Chen has extensive experience in working with complex medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, autism, chronic illnesses and implementing comprehensive treatment plans that are aimed at increasing the function of the patient.

Dr. Ching Chen is a first generation immigrant who champions freedom of mind, freedom of the body and freedom of the emotions in patients. She does this by asking, "What else is possible? " She combines traditional Chinese medicine, Herbal Medicine, Rehabilitative Nutrition, and a uniquely American medical practice known as Osteopathic Medicine. Osteopathic medicine focuses on addressing the structural imbalances in the muscles and connective tissue including the brain and spinal cord. Dr. Chen has been able to achieve outstanding results in both children and adults. Many patients speak of miracles. Dr. Chen simply says, "this is good treatment."

While her treatment approach is effective in both adults and children, Dr. Chen has a special love for children. She completedresidency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Kings Brook Institute, one of the largest pediatric and adult rehabilitation centers in the nation. 

"Every day, I find answers in integrative approaches that address the limitations of the body, and allow it to be free. With freedom we can accomplish anything. With freedom, we can change the world. I am about helping people to be free ---one child, one person at a time."