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Jedi 101: How to be a Jedi in a human body. San Diego, CA

Discover ways of the Jedi and tap into the force.

These are 2 days of fun, doable & effective immersion based on Innerwise and the BioReset Activation. This picks up where school left off by introducing you to talents beyond your five basic senses. You will be able to use these skills after this class in your everyday life.

During our time together, you will:

  • Train your intuitive perception
  • Open your senses
  • Learn how to use the arm-length test
  • Treat yourself using “Innerwise® – The Complete Healing System”
  • Recognize potential disorders and their causes
  • Deal more competently with conflict and stress
  • Learn to take care of your own stability yourself
  • Learn to understand and love yourself and others again
  • Help yourself in your own life situation

Come Join us and Discover the FORCE within with Innerwise.


Jedi Master Ching

*Exact Location will be sent after Registration.

About Innerwise

Innerwise® is a fun and easy way to learn to diagnose and treat yourself, clients, pets, relationships, living spaces, projects, and businesses, all without medications.

Created by German Jedi physician Uwe Albrecht 18 years ago, innerwise® is used by over 150,000 people worldwide. Innerwise® is also a certified medical device in Europe.