BioReset Visits

The Visits

Bodies keep score. We'll discover exactly what's on that scorecard. This is the basis of the BioResets. Working on your personal scorecard will bring your body and wellbeing to a state that works for you and the kind of life you want to have. It is a process that is customizable and based on you. 

-Individuals prepping for a competition or tournament.

-Pregnant moms or mom-hopefuls looking to get pregnant.

-Those with suspiciously pregnant looking bellies but baby is not in the oven.

-Those getting adjustments regularly and your body keeps going back. 

-Those who have chronic pain or recurring random issues that don't have a name.

-People who lead a good lifestyle yet still have trouble spots like bloatedness or rashes.

-Children and newborns, all types are welcome.

-Those who have lyme disease, auto-immune conditions.

-Those who don't know what is going on, seeking out answers on their own and on a mission to help themselves.



Who are the

BioReset Visits for?



The Pilot - let's get personal

All roads start here.

You give me a download on you. I listen to you. I tune in to your body. I ask questions. We establish a baseline of where you're at. Your tolerances, any rigidity, aches, pains, responsiveness, etc. We set up some milestones. Each body has a tell. We zero in on yours.

Then we'll actually work. This is not your normal doctor's visit. We're not just going to sit here and talk, then send you off on your merry way with a prescription. Clients will be on the table working with me.

We'll take note of any changes at the end of this session. Yes there will be some. You'll then be sent home with homework that is customized to you. 

Make your appointment here.



The Sequels

This might be one visit. It might be more. It can turn out to be quarterly.

It all depends on how you're progressing. Is your functioning getting better, are you getting to do the things you want to do? These are the questions we are going after during Sequels.

We will calibrate. We will do what it takes as long as you're up for it.

As one of my clients likes to say, "Seeing you twice a year keeps me out of the hospital."

She's had weight gain from thyroid problems, post-partum conditions, car accidents and saw me monthly until we finally got her to the point where she sees me only when she needs to.

Don't wait too long, your body is counting on you.


Bodies Don't Lie is so 3008. Don't be 2000 and late.